the science of violence

the science of violence

building personal and community resilience



To promote a deeper understanding of violence and reduce the impact of conflict on our young people, our communities and ourselves.

Science of Violence is an innovative training consultancy empowering practitioners in the social care and criminal justice sector to work safely and effectively with complex needs, creating safe hands in the front line and robust multi-agency teams in today’s challenging climate.

Science of Violence was founded by Dinah Senior, a pioneer of trauma-informed practice in the serious youth violence sector with over fifteen years experience in the field and best known for her dynamic capacity building work in communities disproportionately affected by escalating violence.

I would literally recommend this training to everyone from youth professionals down to the man/woman at the bus stop.
— Peer Advocate, The Asian Centre Waltham Forest


Sadly there is no shortage of research demonstrating that violence is on the rise across the UK, and that we are failing as a society to protect victims of violence in particular when those victims are children.

"The warning lights are flashing" Metropolitan Police Commissioner, January 2017


knife crimes reported (2016)


incidents of self-harm recorded in prisons in England & Wales (2016)


rapes reported (2016)

33% 33%

percentage of rape crisis users under the age of 25


children in the UK sexually abused


increase in violent crime in London and South East (2016)

What an experience. I have learned so much , thank you for creating a safe space for such amazing work.
— Counsellor, Waltham forest


72% 29%
72% of children released from custody go on to reoffend (Barnardos 2014)
50% 29%
50% of children in youth custody come from the foster or residential care system(Lord Laming Review 2016)
34% 29%
34% of children in custody have a mental health disorder (Barnardos 2014)
I have gained so many tools and models to draw from and my awareness of self and the impact I can have on others is priceless. Thank you.
— Gang Worker, Brent


Science of Violence provides bespoke psychodynamic training and consultancy for public sector agencies, charities, front line practitioners and vulnerable communities as well as general audiences interested in building resilience to violence in all its forms from bullying to violent crime.

Learning outcomes for training programmes and workshops can be provided on request, competitive rates apply.

This training opened my eyes to the kind of things young people might share. Exposure to that alone makes me better equipped to listen and respond to young people’s experiences.
— Bereavement Counsellor, Waltham Forest


The Harrow Club W10 - Training, Consultancy & Supervision

Delivery of trauma-informed practitioner skills training and supervision for Another Way, the UK’s first late-night provision for young people at risk of criminal exploitation developed in partnership with The Harrow Club W10 and funded by the Mayor’s Young Londoners Fund.

Another Way is a unique piece of work building capacity at the heart of the uniquely traumatised community surrounding Grenfell Tower creating a community-led and culturally-sensitive intervention staffed by an intergenerational team of youth workers, practitioners and volunteers trained to engage with young people at serious risk of harm using a trauma-informed approach.

Another Way would not have been possible without the knowledge and expertise brought to the table by Science of Violence. Dinah has played a key role in bringing stakeholders together to create a community response to knife crime that continues to exceed all expectations. We cannot recommend her highly enough.
— Michael Defoe, CEO, The Harrow Club W10

The 4Front Project - Training & Supervision

Delivery of trauma-informed practitioner skills training and supervision for The 4tify Project, a dynamic front line project working to increase the safety and resilience of young people living on the Grahame Park Estate, London NW9.

The 4Front Project is a multiple award-winning youth-led social enterprise on a mission to empower young people and communities to live free from violence. The 4Front Project was founded by Temi Mwale, a tireless social entrepreneur, educator and activist committed to building resilience in vulnerable communities and empowering the next generation to create change.

The training made me think about trauma and about my own relationship with violence in a much deeper way. I highly recommend it to anyone working in the front line.
— Programme Facilitator

Luton Youth Offending Service - Training

Delivery of Shame Reframe training to the Luton Youth Offending Service in Bedfordshire supporting their multi-agency team towards a trauma-informed approach, focussing on the power of shame-aware communication to improve engagement with young people affected by Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and criminal exploitation.

The four theories of violence were very useful, they helped put shame into perspective and made me think about the impact we have on the young people we work with.
— Youth Justice Officer

London Borough of Waltham Forest - Mentoring Programme

Development of community mentoring and employment access project in partnership with voluntary sector agencies Community Turf, KNI Foundation and The Asian Centre, funded by the London Borough of Waltham Forest (LBWF) as part of its Gang Prevention Programme Enough is Enough and positively evaluated by Cordis Bright.

Design and delivery of trauma-informed practitioner skills training for intergenerational and multi-faith groups of community mentors in LBWF wanting to work with young people affected by gang association, serious violence, child sexual exploitation and radicalisation.

The work delivered by Community Turf and Science of Violence is so obviously vibrant and effective.
— Tim Clapton, Near Neighbours, Waltham Forest




This training has had a lasting impact on me in my personal life as well as and the way that I now work professionally.
— President of the Muslim Teachers'Association


If you would like more information about Science of Violence services or you would like to help fund a capacity building project in the community please contact us using the details below. 

We look forward to hearing from you and to making a difference together.


Dinah Senior
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